Stephen William Parish OAM is an Australian. He is a passionate photographer, naturalist, author, educator, public speaker and publisher, connecting people, especially children, to nature, through his emotive, inspirational, life-enhancing images of Australia’s unique wildlife, flora, landscapes and places, presented to his audiences through workshops, public talks and publications.


He is a champion of the protection of wildlife and the natural environment, and promoting the natural history of Australian ecosystems. During the last 50 years, the public has connected with Steve’s work in more than 2500 published books, including Steve Parish 50 Years Photographing Australia, Australia: Steve Parish the Journey, National Parks Our Australian Landscape and The Around Australia Guide.




Steve Parish is an emotionally-sensitive, inspirational and widely-acclaimed photographer of Australia’s unique wildlife, flora, landscapes and places.


As a photographic artist, he feels deeply about, and has a great passion for, Australia’s nature.


He sees himself working in two creative spaces as a photographer. The first, is through the eye of a naturalist/educator. The second, as an artist. At times, these two spaces overlap. However, as a naturalist/educator he is more inclined to compose and produce his images with clear, story-telling features. When in the headspace of artist, he is more inclined to maximise the emotional pull of a composition through colour, form, texture or line. As time goes on, and especially in the digital world, he is more inclined to work in solitude and in a calm space, where his own emotions in the moment are skillfully incorporated in the production of the image.


While at the point of capture, he can apply a full gambit of techniques to realise these objectives, he can also apply additional emotional effect during the post-production process. As a photographer/publisher, he sees words as being essential and complementary to his story-telling processes.












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