Award winning series that focusses on the scary, freaky, stinky, bizarre, lethal and sick things in the natural world.


The most comprehensive, well illustrated and often updated field guide to birds in Australia.
A best-seller that belongs in every bird-lovers home, car or pack.


Popular children’s author, Rebecca Johnson, has written these charming, colourful books for 3-6 year olds. Young minds are always inquiring, and sometimes it is difficult to provide all the right answers.

With the
First Facts series, questions are encouraged and answers are provided, supplying the information kids want to know about some of their favourite animals. Each page has interesting facts presented in simple and engaging formats to help children understand basic scientific concepts about the world around them.

by Rebecca Johnson

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Author wins Prime Minister's Prize for Science
October 2015

Rebecca Johnson, author of over 70 Steve Parish Story Book titles , has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools for her outstanding contribution to science education in Australia.

Rebecca regularly visits schools, presenting writing workshops to inspire children of all ages to read, write and connect with science and nature.

Gross series wins commendation award
October 2015

The NSW Royal Zoological Society voted the new Steve Parish Gross books as worthy of a commendation award at the 2015 Whitley Awards.

This is the second year running a Steve Parish/Pascal Press title has been commended. In 2014 the Insect Story Book series by Rebecca Johnson took home the same commendation.



Author of the series, Stella Tarakson, is presented with the commendation.


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